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praia de bombinhas




Come enjoy Bombinhas and feel at home

Enjoy your days in this wonderful city! Here at Vacations in Bombinhas you will find many places to visit, we are here to share everything about Bombinhas. 
Just click to access our tour itinerary and enjoy, 

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Our accommodations are in Bombinhas-SC, we have several properties on the sand, the surroundings offer everything you need to enjoy your time in the city: sightseeing, restaurants, bars, shops, kiosks and much more.


Tours  Touristic

If you are in Bombinhas and don't know what to do to enjoy the city, don't worry, we will help you with that. Access and check out all about the best places that Bombinhas has to offer.​
navio pirata de Bombinhas
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Do you feel like going for a swim and don't know how to swim or are you afraid? We can help you!
To do the baptism or scuba diving, you don't need to know how to swim, our instructors will guide you, you just need to enjoy the rest is up to us.


This small municipality located in Santa Catarina is a beautiful city, surrounded by a sea of ​​crystalline waters. There are some versions for the name Bombinhas, one of them would be that the noise caused by the crashing of the waves resembles the explosion of a small bomb; and the other would be that, when walking on the sand of the beach, the sound produced was like small firecrackers exploding.​
praia de Bombinhas
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About Us :)

I'm Juliana, I have a degree in Business Administration, I'm from Mato Grosso do Sul, but I'm from Bombinense at heart. I have lived in Bombinhas, Centro, for four and a half years, with my husband and our baby.
I founded ALIP Turismo with the aim of providing a better experience for those who are interested in getting to know the city.
Only here will you have, in just one click, tips on places to visit, accommodation at a fair price and accessible to everyone. Count on me to help you during your stay in the city of Bombinhas.

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