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Novo Acesso para Bombinhas Pelo Zimbros: Uma Janela Para o Paraíso Sem Trânsito

New access to Bombinhas

Nova Rota em Bombinhas

If you've visited Bombinhas in Santa Catarina during high season, be aware that traffic can be a challenge. However, a new access route is changing the game, offering a faster and more convenient way to reach this paradisiacal destination. Let's explore the new access to Bombinhas through Zimbros and discover why it is becoming a preferred choice for visitors and locals alike.

Location and relevance

The new access can be found behind Porto Belo City Hall and along Rua Abacate in Zimbros. The main reason why this access became relevant is simple: it solved the problem of congested traffic that used to be a nightmare for those who wanted to enjoy the beauty of Bombinhas. Now, visitors, tourists and locals have a more fluid and peaceful alternative.

Porto Belo

Advantages of the new access

The main advantage of this new access is the opportunity to avoid the traffic that used to be common in the region. No longer get stuck in long queues of cars, allowing you to enjoy your time in Bombinhas even more.

Artesanatos em Bombinhas

Impact on tourism and the local economy

In addition to improving the visitor experience, the new access also has a positive impact on tourism and the local economy. The chances of more tourists accessing Bombinhas increase, which, in turn, generates an increase in local commerce. Local restaurants, shops and tourist activities benefit from this increase in visitors.

Main points of interest along Acesson Along this new access, you will find the charming Praia de Zimbros, perfect for families with children due to its calm waters. In addition, there are several trails and the opportunity to access Canto Grande, where the famous Morro do Macaco is located, offering spectacular views.

Morro do Macaco

Nova Rota em Bombinhas

Planning and construction of the new access The new access project began more than two years ago, the result of collaboration between the city councils of Porto Belo and Bombinhas. Now, since 2023, access is ready and operational.

Bicicleta em Bombinhas

Transport available The new access is suitable for all types of automobiles, comfortable comfort for visitors to choose the mode of transport that best suits their needs.

Outdoor activities

Entrada de Bombinhas

One of the great advantages of this new access is the opportunity for outdoor activities. Hiking and cycling are highly recommended, allowing you to enjoy the stunning sea views along the way.

Reactions from local residents

Praia de Bombinhas

Local residents warmly welcomed the new access due to the convenience it brought to their lives. Now, you can move around the region more easily.

Stay informed

Prefeitura de Bombinhas

To stay informed about the conditions and updates related to the new access, you can check the Bombinhas City Hall online website.

TPA em Bombinhas

Practical information Although it is a new access, it is important to remember that the Environmental Preservation Fee will still be charged. So be prepared for this cost when planning your visit.

The new access to Bombinhas through Zimbros is a welcome change for everyone who loves this beautiful region of Santa Catarina. With less traffic, more exploration opportunities and a positive economic impact, it's an obvious choice for your next visit to Bombinhas. So, come and enjoy the beauty of the region without worrying about traffic!

Old Bombinhas route

This is the old route, still used of course, it's worth highlighting!

For more information contact www.alipturismo.com

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