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How did ALIP Turismo start?

juliana lazari - alip turismo

I'm Juliana, business administrator graduated since 2016, resident of Bombinhas since 2017, Miguel's mom, who is now two years old and a woman full of dreams and ambitions!

When I arrived in Bombinhas, I had difficulties finding work and I soon noticed that because it is a coastal city, with tourism as its main economic activity, people work hard, really hard, in the season from November to April, and in the other months six months, is maintained with the income acquired during that period. Since I arrived here, this has also been my reality, I worked with my fiancé's family at a kiosk located in Praia de Quatro Ilhas, but after becoming a mother, I started to ask myself how to find the balance: working, but having time to follow the growth of my son.​

That's when in July 2021, in an unpretentious conversation, I was asked the following question: knowing that your family has real estate, and that they rent them, why don't you help them?
And stopping to reflect, the answer to that question brought me what I had been looking for for some time: a flexible job throughout the year and quality of life to enjoy my family.

So I started this journey, I took the TECHNICAL IN REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS course, monitored by Joana Joana Ribeiro Mafra CRECI 13990, and I got my CRECI 49187, so I concluded that I could do more for those who come to the city: more than offering a property, I want to that you have a complete and incredible experience. I set up the website with the aim of making planning your trip as easy as possible and only here will you have tips on tours, accommodation, and everything else you need. When you come or are planning your trip to Bombinhas, with us you will know exactly what to do and you will have all the support you need!

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