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The Public Ministry of Santa Catarina recommended that the city of Bombinhas immediately suspend the collection of the Environmental Preservation Fee (TPA), established by Municipal Law in 2013.

TPA Bombinhas
TPA Bombinhas

CITY HALL The mayor of Bombinhas, Paulo Dalago Muller, Paulinho, has already informed that he will not comply with the recommendation, as the TPA is constitutional.

However, the municipality is prohibited from collecting. The Public Ministry reported that the TPA is illegal. PRICES last season 2022 to 2023

Taxa da TPA
TPA fee

Motorcycle, motor bike $4.00

Vehicles R$ 35.00

Utility vehicles R$ 52.50

Excursion vehicles, motorhomes R$ 70.00

Trucks R$ 105.50

Bus R$ 175.50

Values ​​2022/2023

Important The continuation of charges by Bombinhas no longer finds legal support, as the law that established the Environmental Preservation Tax was not accepted by the new constitutional order.

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