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Why shouldn't you meet Bombinhas?

Praia de Bombinhas
Bombinhas Beach

Crystal clear sands?

Who needs this? Staying at home with a bucket of sand is much more exciting!

Mergulho em Bombinhas
Diving in Bombinhas

Oh of course you definitely shouldn't meet Firecrackers

After all, who needs more than 10 exciting tours to choose from, such as kayaking, diving, stand-up, pedal boating and speedboating?

Tirolesa na praia de Bombinhas
Zipline at Bombinhas beach

Why would you go ziplining and experience the thrill of flying over stunning landscapes when you could stay firmly on the ground and miss the chance to release your adrenaline? After all, who wants that feeling of freedom and fun when you can opt for good old boredom?

Stand up em Bombinhas
Stand up in Bombinhas

Why go to the trouble of floating in crystal clear waters while enjoying the attempted balance of stand up? Of course, it is much more sensible to remain on dry land, without experiencing the joy of gently gazing across the water and enjoying the view. Who needs a fun, relaxing workout anyway?

Passeio de Buggy
Buggy's ride

Who in their right mind would choose to speed up in a buggy and enjoy the sea breezes while passing through the beautiful beaches of Bombinhas? Certainly, being stuck in city traffic is a much more exciting and relaxing experience.

Stand up
Stand up

Why bother going to the beach where you can enjoy the sun, sea, sand and fresh air? After all, spending the day locked up at home, staring at the walls, is much more exciting. Who wants to feel the ocean breeze and relax to the sound of the waves when they can be bored at home?

Mirante 360
360 viewpoint

And who wants to spend time on more than 30 beaches with crystal clear waters where you can swim and relax? Nevermind, there are a lot more boring places out there to visit, with nothing interesting to do or see. Firecrackers? What a waste of time!

Praia de Bombinhas
Bombinhas Beach

And, as if that weren't enough, during the low season, from May to October, you can find packages for couples starting at a measly 100 reais per day. Who in their right mind would want to take advantage of this incredible offer and save some money? After all, who wants to enjoy stunning beaches and exciting tours at such cheap prices? Certainly, Bombinhas in the low season is just an unimpressive paradise for those looking to save money and enjoy all these natural wonders. What a bummer!

Foto do Morro do Macaco
Photo of Morro do Macaco

Ah, in the last three years, some beaches in Bombinhas had the audacity to receive the Blue Flag title, as if they needed clean water for swimming and immaculate beaches. Of course, why would you care about the quality of beaches and the health of bathers when you can enjoy murky waters and dirty sands elsewhere, right? After all, who needs beaches that boast awards for their cleanliness and safety when you can risk your health elsewhere? Bombinhas, where clean water and clean beaches are overrated

Praia de Bombinhas
Bombinhas Beach

Oh yes, of course, generally those who visit Bombinhas end up “falling in love” and decide to move there or make it their “right destination” for years. After all, who wants to live in a place with stunning beaches, lush nature and a peaceful atmosphere? It seems absolutely unbearable to have a constant vacation destination and an opportunity to live in a tropical paradise. The idea of ​​falling in love with Firecrackers and choosing her as your destiny for years is so terrifying it's almost ironic. Stay connected with Alip Turismo

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