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"Refer and Win" Promotion Rules

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Parece mentira, mas não é!

These are the Promotion Rules | Refer and Earn!

The "Indicate and Win" Promotion is promoted by Alip Turismo and aims to encourage the referral of new customers to our

accommodations and tours.

All Alip Turismo customers, including new customers and those who have already made at least one purchase with us, can participate in the promotion.

To refer a person, the customer can share our referral link on Instagram Story, make a post in Feed, send via WhatsApp or provide the name and contact of the person.

The referring customer earns a 1% discount per referred person who closes a service with us and does not cancel. The discount will be applied to future stays or tours with Alip Turismo.

For example, if the customer refers 20 people who close services with us, he will have accumulated a 20% discount. He can use up to 10% of this discount on a chosen service, such as accommodation, and the other 10% on another different service, such as diving, or he can accumulate it for the next occasion of his choice. The discount is valid for each service offered by Alip Turismo, and you can accumulate up to 10% discount per service on your next reservation.

There is no limit on referrals per customer. The more people the customer refers, the more discounts he will accumulate.

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Indique um amigo e ganhe descontos

To redeem the benefits of the promotion, the referred customer must inform the name or contact of the referring customer when closing the service with Alip Turismo.

The accumulated discounts are cumulative and can be used in any service offered by Alip Turismo.

To redeem the benefits of the discounts, the customer must contact us and inform the date on which he wants to use the discount. Booking will be subject to availability.

The discounts are non-transferable and must be used by the customer who accumulated them. The transfer of discounts to third parties is not permitted.

The promotion has no expiration date and may be terminated by Alip Turismo at any time, subject to prior notice.

Alip Turismo reserves the right to cancel the participation of any customer who does not comply with the rules of the promotion or who exhibits inappropriate behavior.

Omissions will be evaluated and resolved by the Alip Turismo team.

Take advantage of the "Indicate and Win" promotion and share unforgettable moments with your friends and family in our accommodations and tours in Bombinhas! We look forward to welcoming you and providing you with unique experiences during your stay with us.

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